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Poker Chips

We have the largest selection of clay Poker Chips on the internet.    If you are looking for a  true Las Vegas style poker game you will need premium chips.  We sell the exact same poker chips being used in Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos.  

Our Poker Chips will last a lifetime.  Because you will be using these chips for so long we recommend buying the best chips possible for your home poker game.  Clay poker chips are a little more expensive but if you are a serious poker player  there is no substitute.  TREAT YOURSELF TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY POKER CHIP YOU CAN BUY.  You can thank us later.  

Apache Poker Chips

Apache Poker Chips

Apache Casino Chipco Poker Chips

Dunes Casino Poker Chips

Paulson Avalon Club Poker Chips

Rounders Chipco Poker Chips

Paulson Top Hat and Cane Chips

Desert Palms Poker Chips

Paulson Private Cardroom

Paulson Classic Poker Chips

Paulson Grand Cardroom

Tangiers Casino Poker Chips

Pro Gen 80 Poker Chips

 Pioneer Club Poker Chips

We can be reached at (800) 976-5373 from 9:00AM - 11:00PM Pacific seven days a week if you have any questions or would like to place your order over the phone.

1-2 Deck Card Shuffler

Who wants to shuffle?  With the automatic shuffler you will not have to worry about shuffling again.  The Shuffler is battery operated and will shuffle one or two decks.

shuffler.jpg (46647 bytes)

Price $17.99

Poker & Blackjack Folding Table Top

This is TWO tables in one. One side has table placement marks for playing blackjack just like the tables here in Las Vegas. Included are 8 player positions with chip holders & removable drink holders.  This Poker Table is covered with high quality casino style green felt. It is very solid, durable & folds in the center for easy storage.  The table top is designed to fit on card tables, kitchen tables, or patio tables. Yes it is heavy - weighting over 23 pounds! The table folded is 48"x24"x2", when open it is 48" across eight sides.  Chips, Cards, & Soda not included.

Black Jack Poker TableBlack Jack Poker TableBlack Jack Poker TableBlack Jack Poker Table

Price $89.00

Blackjack Table

Blackjack Tableblackjackcasinotable.jpg (39869 bytes)Blackjack Table

This Las Vegas style blackjack table stands 31" high,it's 5 feet from end to end and 30" deep. Has 7 player stations complete with Vegas style multi-color graphics including the INSURANCE Bet option. The 9 slot dealer's chip tray is included as is the padded arm rail. The legs are made of wood. Table comes in a large flat box weighing 75 pounds and assembly is required. Our first attempt at assembling the sample table took us under 30 minutes to complete.

Price $230.00



Dealer's Shoe

These are the same Dealer Shoes that they use here in Las Vegas.  You can give your home game a professional feel.  This shoe will hold 4-8 decks of Cards.

shoe.jpg (83859 bytes)

Price $39.00


Discard Tray

For an even better Blackjack game you will need a Discard Tray.  It holds up to eight decks of Cards and is the same used here in Las Vegas.

discard.jpg (77168 bytes)

Price $22.00